Whats up team! 

I feel blessed that througout many years of personal training, more than fourty-thousand people have believed in and benefitted from my teachings of improving their relationship with food and creating a lifestyle through flexible dieting. 

Since, I've established myself as a highly respected fat loss specialist, physique competitor, and fitness expert. 

I pride myself on delivering intelligent nutrition and training advice supported by strong academic credentials, continual educational research, hard earned experience and most importantly a solid reputation for achieving remarkable results. 

Would you believe me if I told you everything you've learned about dieting is wrong?

  • What if nutrition wasn't as hard as physics; and you could enjoy food without counting calories or 'macros' yourself?
  • What if your low-carb diet wasn't helping you lose weight, but was instead damaging your metabolism?
  • What if you could eat whenever you liked and didn't have a set time?
  • What if eating a burger and fries could actually drop your weight?
  • What if all organic foods were doing the same amount of danger as their chemical counterparts?
  • What if you could lose weight on a full stomach week after week... after week?

What if I told you that eating your way to weight loss is much simpler and more enjoyable than you could imagine?  

Imagine enjoying flavorful meals every day... never feeling your stomach touching the back of your spine... enjoying higher energy levels and revitalizing workouts... and watching your body melt away pound after pound of fat, week after week.  

And imagine finally knowing the language of food and how it really affects your body... protecting yourself against fad diets, tricks, scams, and gimmicks forced on you by the social media and magazines.  

Well, all of this can be a reality through following my plan because you help me build it!  

When you have the "know how" of proper diet – and this doesn’t mean only eating tilapia and asparagus – losing weight becomes a cinch...convenient...and even enjoyable.  

Don’t just take my word, let me show you my proof...


"I started my weight loss journey back in 2007 at Valdosta State University. I was 18 years old and I weighed 356 pounds. I didn't believe I was unhealthy until I saw those 3 numbers on the scale with my own two eyes. I began to do cardio on the exercise bike for 30-45 minutes 5 days a week on top of lifting weights. I wasn't the strongest but I was determined to change my entire lifestyle, and by the end of my freshman year I had dropped 50 pounds.  

Around the time I graduated in 2011 I reached 270 pounds. It was quite an accomplishment in my eyes, but once I moved back home after college I slowly lost the drive and determination I once had while I was at school. I found myself back at 315 pounds!  

Once I moved to Atlanta afer graduating I began my journey for a second time. This time I was doing more long distance running and started changing my workout regiments. My diet improved but it still wasn’t the best.  

Over the next year I worked hard and educated myself a little more on eating healthy and working out. I found myself at my lowest weight since I began in 2007, at 260 pounds. Then I found Brooks, he had a talk with me and told me to give him 12 weeks. He promised I would see more results in a shorter amount of time than I ever had through my entire fitness journey as long as I trust him and follow the process. I accepted his challenge.  

In the beginning I had no idea what counting macros were. I didn't know what carb cycling was or what a high-carb day consisted of. I found myself missing my weekly goals in the beginning and thought to myself I would never get this process down. But I slowly started to pick up on how to count my macros, and he showed me what foods helped with my metabolism and what foods are good to eat so that I wouldn’t feel hungry an hour later. He taught me how to hold myself accountable through the process, and slowly but surely I began to see results in my strength, energy, and physical features.  

When I started with Brooks I weighed 260 pounds. As of today I'm 215 pounds on my way to my target goal of 205 pounds. I’ve been on a long journey from 356 pounds. I thank Brooks for taking a chance on me. He believed in me when I lost faith in myself. I'm in the best shape of my life. I feel like I'm 18 again. I have no one but Brooks to thank for that."  

-Quentin Jackson


"Working with Brooks was definitely a life-changing experience for me. Our relationship started off kind of rocky because I was 100% in the gym but 70% when it came to eating my meals and staying on track food-wise. I tried to cheat him but he noticed and let me know, “You're only cheating yourself, Krystal."  

The first phase of the program for me actually helped me gain confidence in myself. Brooks was not only motivating but kind and understanding. If I wasn't able to do something, he didn't give up on me but made the workouts and food plan work for me.  

Brooks not only made a personal fitness plan for my body type but also a meal plan just for me. He also had a chart made up for me to log all of my macros, exercises, and an entire journal to keep me organized. We emailed once a week to make sure I was on track and that is what made the big jump for me.  

All in all, with Brooks I lost almost 100 pounds in a year’s time and, using the tools he's given me, I've been able to maintain even when I get off track. We are still working now to get my body to its best potential and I am so grateful to have a personal trainer who not only cares about me as a client but as a friend, and I couldn't have done it without him. THANK YOU!"

- Krystal Monae


No one diet works for everyone. The only way to get the fastest, most sustainable results possible is to customize every bit you eat to YOUR personal situation.


The most important part of my Custom Meal Plans is the word “custom.” Because when I say “custom” meal plan...I mean it:

Nothing makes me more frustrated than paying for a meal plan designed by a “guru” and getting the same stuff everyone else recommends — chicken…brown rice…oatmeal…eggs…every single day. (Yes, this is the type of “custom” meal plan I’ve received from “gurus” who you know and trust.)  

Instead, a custom meal plan should take into account the foods you like…the foods you hate…your schedule…your workout times and length…and a variety of different factors that make you, you.


STEP 1 - Complete Order & Health Questionnaire

You fill out the questionnaire to give me your goals. Tell me your likes, dislikes, and aspects of your lifestyle.

STEP 2 - Set Up Phone or Video Consultation  

I will reach out to you via email or text to schedule a free consultation.

STEP 3 - Start Your Plan

I create your meal plan based on your goals and get it back to you in 3-4 business days after our call.  


BONUS #1 - $75.00 VALUE


The Custom Meal Plan Overview is the introduction to the Custom Meal Plan and gives you the insight on how your plan is built. It goes into detail on what to eat when you’re on the run, carb cycling, macronutrient education, and it gives you the tools you need to succeed.

BONUS #2 - $35.00 VALUE


The Macro List is a food-swapping chart complete with foods that will most likely be on your meal plan. This helps to incorporate new foods with the same nutritional value into your diet to switch things up and to allow you to have options and variation.

BONUS #3 - $75.00 VALUE


The Workout Guide is a complete manual that describes the phases of the plan. I also go into detail on the workouts you will be doing, including sets, rep ranges, and workouts.

BONUS #4 - $25.00 VALUE


The Grocery Guide is a section-by-section guide to foods that are split into proteins, simple carbs, complex carbs, fats, condiments, vegetables, and snacks. This guide will help you make healthier choices while shopping.

BONUS #5 - $75.00 VALUE


The Supplement Guide is for supplementing what we’re not getting in our daily diets. In this guide I give a list of protein shake options, multivitamins, all-natural fat burners, and much more!

BONUS #6 - $150.00 VALUE


These How To Videos walks through your Custom Meal Plan and how to use it. I know it may look intimidating but after the videos you’ll be able to follow your Custom Meal Plan with the highest levels of confidence.



A 100% Custom Meal Plan, Made from What You Gave me!

A Macro, Grocery, Supplemtal Guide ($285 value)

How To Videos ( a $150 value)


I Gaurantee you more weight loss in the first four weeks than you've had in the last SIX months!

I’m a man of my word and I stand 100% behind my statement. If - for any reason – your Custom Meal Plan does not fulfill every promise I’ve made above, simply contact me by email. I will personally work with you to perfect your Custom Meal Plan or give a prompt and courteous refund. Whichever you prefer.  


I have limited time and can’t cook every day. Is this still the right plan for me?

Yes! I have hundreds of clients who cannot cook every single day. The best thing about meal planning is that you can cook in bulk twice a week and do very little prepping in between so you can have your food ready when you’re on the run. I also have a section in the meal plan that guides you to popular restaurants so you can take a break from cooking and still stay on track with your plan.  

How long is my Meal Plan?

My Meal Plans are for 12 weeks and are designed to give you a variety of 3 different meals every single day! All of these meals can be switched within the phase that you’re working in.  

The plan is designed with 3 different phases to prevent plateau and to continuously shock your body. In these 3 phases you will only be eating the foods that you like and will be able to change out foods for variety; this makes it feel less like a traditional diet. If you’re eating the foods you love, then this will become a lifestyle for you!

I don’t have a huge budget; can I still use this meal plan?

Absolutely! This meal plan is affordable on any budget. Don’t be fooled by the myth that eating healthy is expensive. I’m not telling you to go to the most expensive grocery stores, but options like frozen vegetables, organic canned goods, and staples like rice, and potatoes can fit any budget.  

Also, I provide a list of the meals, so seeing the meals will assist in the prevention of you overbuying and will save your pockets.  

This seems like a lot of money. What makes it worth it?

It’s really simple. This meal plan works! My number one goal is to not only get you to your weight loss goals, but from 6 months to 1 year later that weight is still off. With my plan it’s been proven over and over and over. My meal plan helps get you out of the horrid cycle of traditional diets and bad advice.  

I created this meal plan especially for you, and I have helped over 30,000 people become successful with my nutritional advice. I am 100% positive that I can get you to your goals too.  

Imagine being able to rest easy knowing that the only thing you have to do is follow the plan. There are no counting calories, there’s no thinking of what you’re going to eat next, and there will be no doubt that this Meal Plan and educational resources will get you the most out of this plan.

I have my anniversary/birthday coming up. What do I do?

I want you to enjoy yourself on your special day but I also want you to understand that this isn’t a diet but a lifestyle. You won’t need to take breaks from it; the only thing you have to do is factor in your “treat meal” on your higher carb days. This will allow you to enjoy your day guilt-free.

What happens if I have problems with my meal plan?

With the Custom Meal Plans I stand behind my work 100% and will make sure you are satisfied. Setting you up for success is my priority. Email me and you will have support within 48 hours.

How do I contact you?

You can reach me anytime by emailing


“My name is Janna and I’m 25 years old. I have always been active and into fitness my whole life.  

However, it wasn’t until recently that I felt I was at a standstill and wasn’t seeing the results I wanted.  

I then decided to give personal training a chance. After reviewing his site and seeing his client transformations I knew that Reuben would be the person that could help me achieve new goals and help me change my life for the better.  

Reuben challenged me and pushed me to sculpt a body that I didn’t think was possible. He taught me a great deal and made working out fun! He inspires me every day to reach new goals and to take my fitness to the next level. Reuben is very passionate and knowledgeable about fitness and has a unique ability to connect with clients." 

-Janna Boatright

“Growing up as the “fat kid” I was always self-conscious about my body. Thus, my desire for health and fitness was born. I finished high school still disappointed with where I was physically. So I began to read and use trial and error, although I was making slight progress, I was still not where I wanted to be.  

It was not until I found Reuben that I was provided an avenue uncharted to me. Being a witness to his work ethic and knowledge of all things fitness and nutrition, a new and improved version of myself was released!  

Through working closely with Reuben then and even still now, if I may say, “the GAINZ have been real!”  

Lastly, Reuben not only helped sculpt me aesthetically but also gave me a better overall well-being of life!”

-Jesse Usry